Organize Systemize Harmonize

Living in a cluttered space can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed in the one place we are meant to feel calm and relaxed - our home.

Becoming Uncluttered was launched to help people create peace in their homes amidst the chaos of their busy lives.

Founder, Addie Blue Gordon, is an intuitive organizer who realized early in her life the positive impact that order and systems have on our mindset. As humans, we are biologically designed to automate, so we can save our attention for the things that matter. This is the mission of Becoming Uncluttered, to help identify the unique mayhem each client has unwittingly constructed in their home and help them transform it into tranquility. By decluttering our environment, we can defragment our thoughts.

Whether your goal is to have a better functioning system,  a navigable pantry, or a magazine-ready master closet, Becoming Uncluttered has an affordable solution to turn your vision into reality.